I still to this day find it peculiar how artistic I have turned out to be.

My parents, both born and raised in New Waterford, Nova Scotia are the furthest things from creative I can imagine. For starters my dad is a carpenter turned scaffolder who's idea of fashion is a mullet .." Buisness in the front, Party in the back" and snakeskin cowboy boots...yummy. Than there's my mom, a stay at home mother for the majority of her life and a dignified neurotic shop-a-holic for the rest. So you can imagine what a surprise it was to everyone in my family when at 8 ,I declared I wanted to be a photographer. Now what kind of photographer? I had no idea, and would have no clue for a few years due to the fact that up until the time my Mom allowed me to take pictures of the waves crashing at Peggy's Cove, N.S; with her ancient 35 mm she'd recieved a decade before at her wedding, I had always wanted to be a model, or get this.. a basketball player. Now anyone who knows me will see the humor in this idea, infact anyone who has seen me run may get a kick out of the thought of me playing any sport professionally. Lets just say I am not athletically put it nicely. Anyways so as soon as I had seen those pictures developed and realized I could take better pictures than my mother I was to say the least hooked. Since that moment whenever anyone suggested modelling I would stand up straight and  reply in my most confident tone " I'd rather be on the other side of the camera" .
 Now it wasn't until I was about 13 and started reading  " Seventeen" & "Teen Vogue" that I realized while all the other girls were oo-ing and awe-ing over the clothes or the thinness of the models I was thinking " Wow, I love the lighting" or " That's such a cool angle".
So here I am today building my portfolio and aspiring to follow in the footsteps of the fashion photographers who's work inspires me: Patrick Demarchelier,Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz , & Mario Testino to name a few. To me this isn't a job, it's an adrenaline rush: maybe similar to that of an addiction? It is so unbelievably gratifying to take a photo your proud of and  to wake up everyday and be able to bring my ideas to life. To be able to capture and create beauty, to have the ablity to make a person feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside by looking at a photo of themselves; but most of all to love ; everyday what I am doing. Now I don't wish to be the best so that I can live in a million dollar home and have a different pair of Christian Louboutin's for everyday of the year, although I would never complain about that aspect.  I strive to be great so that MY story and MY work is as aspiring to artists 20 years from now ; as Lindbergh is to me today. To have young girls read "Vogue" and see my name and see that everyone who got where they are had to begin where they were. You have to believe that something inside of you is superior to your circumstances and realize that " We can have more than what we've got because we can become more than who we are". It's not going to be easy and theres going to be lots of sacrifice, but this is my dream and I can't believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary, so I strive to be different and to make something original of my work and to share that work with the world.